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First US Linen Services is a family-owned commercial laundry serving South Florida’s Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We consistently invest in our cleaning technology and laundering processes to provide a high-quality service at competitive prices to our customers. We value professionalism, integrity and customer service. Our Mission is to support your business continued success and enhance end-user customer experience with fresh, memorable linens. We stand behind our business partners with timely deliveries and excellence in laundry technology and services. Our programs are tailored to increase your profitability and reduce total cost of ownership: restaurant linen rentals, extended life for hotel linens, spot treatment recycling of damaged customer owned linens, optimized packaging and multi-site delivery schedules to improve staff and par level efficiency, and express service to cope with last minute business demands.


Fresh, Memorable

Your customers will have a superior experience and will always come back when they remember how they enjoyed their visit. Clean, comfortable bed linens. Artistic settings for cozy in-room breakfasts. Relaxed settings for snacking at the bar or pool. Memorable linens for restaurant dining table settings. This is how Memorable Linens will keep your customers coming back!


Our processes comply with strict sanitation and sterilization standards, certifying our products and services for Healthcare Facilities and Cleaning Businesses that rely on consistency and dependability. We provide color-coded cleaning microfiber products and assisted cleaning programs for businesses to plan and prevent cross contamination between operating and customer serving areas.


Our Vision

Excellence in services and laundering technology, consistently delivering fresh linens on time at lower customer total cost of ownership

Our Mission

Business Partners for the success of our customers

Our Goal

Help our customer identify and offer a superior end-user experience